Light Of Freyja

Angelic Intuitive readings & reiki healing




Physical Reiki treatment

Physical Reiki treatment 60 min
(Swedish clients only)


Distant Reiki healing

One hour Distance  Reiki healing session combined with an intuitive reading for guidance and deep healing


Angelic Intuitive reading 30 min

A 30 min Angelic Intuitive reading via Zoom


Angelic Intuitive Reading 60 min

A 60 min Angelic Intuitive reading via Zoom



My session with Felicia was pure magic! I felt so relaxed and peaceful while she was sending reiki and had quite an emotional release that was so healing. Her insights after the session completely blew me away... 
Angela, USA 

I have received several physical Reiki healings from Felicia, Light of Freyja and I'm so happy I got the chance to. I have received a lot of information about myself and my surroundings which I had never without her gift. A lot of puzzle pieces has fell in to place in my life after receiving the information and...
Melissa, Sweden

My intuitive reading with Felicia was SO magical!! I had asked her a few questions about my business and I’m so amazed by how spot on her messages were and how much they resonated with my goal and mission I’m trying to pursue...

Meaghan, USA 

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