Angelic Intuitive reading 60 min

During the Angelic Intuitive reading I work with the Angels and my spirit guides and call upon them to channel information for your highest good.  An intuitive reading is a conversation between you and me as we work with these Celestial energies, we use our intuitive skills and expertise to help you choose the best path to achieve your dreams, develop a fresh prospective, and see beyond the limiting beliefs you might have for yourself or a situation. The information that you receive will give you the chance to make changes! Rather than focusing on the future alone, my Angels and guides will also help with understanding your life’s challenges and guidance may be given that relates to past life challenges also. The sessions will always be uplifting and are not limiting or scary in any way. I will be working with you answering any questions you may have. I am only the messenger and you will always have options in which direction you take!

Do You: 

- Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it.

- Have questions about the next steps for your business or life.

- Have questions about the future while going through a big life transition (divorce, illness, job loss, etc.)

- Feel stuck and need help getting out of your rut.

- Simply want to talk with someone who can look from the outside at things about you and your life that you can’t.

- Need some fresh insight about a relationship or situation.

- Seek spiritual direction about your calling and purpose.

Together with my Celestial friends I will share the experience of discovering your personal messages from the Angels and Guides, which are always loving, helpful and non-judgmental and can be life enhancing.