Reiki Healing

A gentle and effective method
Reiki is a gentle and yet effective method for pain, stress, anxiety as well as physical and mental tension. The method works with the natural healng process of the body and fill it up with energy. Reiki can be used for many things. Reiki in it's current form originates from Japan, but has roots of thousands of years in Tibet. Reiki activates and stimulates the bodys own ability to heal and recover. After a treatment it's common to feel both relaxed and filled with energy - a really pleasant experience for both body and soul.

Everone can learn Reiki and anyone can receive Reiki. Research has shown that the method is effective in a number of contexts and is used within healthcare in UK, France and Usa. 

How Reiki can be used
Reiki relives pain and tension, both physically and mentally, releases stress and increase well-being. Reiki can't replace conventional healthcare of disease but it's a valuable complement to the conventional healthcare. Insomnia, ischias, muscle aches, mental and physical tension, the list of areas where Reiki is beneficial can be made long. The method  can increase the well-being and make it easier to live with a disease and therefore create a higher quality of life for the individual. Many physical illnesses often has a psychological or emotional cause. Reiki works both on the physical and the emotional plane, releses tension and the cause behind them. 

How Reiki works
Reiki works on many planes at the same time. The physical touch releases the feel-fgood hormon oxytocin and affects the subtle energy system of the body. Tension get's released so that you can let go of what is causing pain, worry or other limitations. You go into a deep rlexation and that makes it possible for the body to start the healing process. Reiki is a holistic treatment method which sees the body and psyche as a whole. It's therefore common to treat the whole body even though the pain is experienced in a specific area. 

Reiki healing can also be done by distance. Book your distant reiki session down below.