My session with Felicia was pure magic! I felt so relaxed and peaceful while she was sending reiki and had quite an emotional release that was so healing. Her insights after the session completely blew me away! She gave me SO MANY messages from my guides regarding my health and well-being as well as messages from passed loved ones. They all completely resonated and I felt so seen and nutured. I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing session with Felicia! She is a calm, beautiful presence and she uses her intuitive gifts to help you be the very best version of yourself.
Angela, USA 

My intuitive reading with Felicia was SO magical!! I had asked her a few questions about my business and I’m so amazed by how spot on her messages were and how much they resonated with my goal and mission I’m trying to pursue!  She had told me things that were buried in my subconscious and helped me clarify so much. I felt like her messages were coming directly from my own spirit guides (who know me best!).  The best part about my reading with Felicia is that you could feel the container of love that she creates & delivers during her readings.  Felicia has such a warm, comforting & inviting aura to her that makes you feel so supported throughout the session.  Felicia has such an amazing & powerful gift I’m so delighted to have had a reading with her, I know the messages she delivered are going to help me move forward in life much easier.  Thank you so much Felicia for sharing your beautiful gifts to help others! 

Meaghan, USA

I have received several physical Reiki healings from Felicia, Light of Freyja and I'm so happy I got the chance to. I have received a lot of information about myself and my surroundings which I had never without her gift. A lot of puzzle pieces has fell in to place in my life after receiving the information and I have received valuable tools that has helped me with my inner work and my day to day life. I am so grateful for her time and genuine commitment during the sessions. I will definitely keep coming back. 

Melissa, Sweden. 

I had an online Reiki healing and reading with Felicia of Light of Freyja and I highly recommend her service, it was my first time to receive Reiki through online and I can honestly say that I felt the sensation and emotional release. Felicia’s energy is full of light and she holds a sacred space for me with understanding and openness. Her intuitive reading is spot on and her suggested guidance is in alignment with my inner truth.

Joy, Australia 

I had my physical Reiki treatment with Felicia at Light of Freyja and I had a wonderful time. The healing warmed my entire body and left me feeling calm and whole. I could feel it healing my inner wounds and I am so grateful for this entering my life. I can wholeheartedly recommend you to go and have a healing with Felicia. She has a warmth and an energy about her which will bring so much good to people. Thank you. 

Linn, Sweden

During a time when I was exposed to severe stress I received both Reiki healing sessions and readings from Felicia. I experienced a great comfort during and after the Reiki healing sessions and I also gained more energy. The readings I received from Felicia has given me valuable guidance concerning decisions I had to make. All the information received has turned out to be true and has been very helpful. I recommend both healing sessions as well as readings from Felicia.
Anna, Sweden.